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Public Charging

Longer drives between cities and towns require a network of public charging stations to extend the range of electric vehicles beyond the normal daily commute.

Charging stations can be found and will be needed where there is on-street parking, at taxi stands, in parking lots - at places of hotels, airports, shopping centers, convenience shops, fast food restaurants, coffeehouses etc., as well as in the workplaces, in driveways.

Public charging station would nearly increase 60% of EV usage for daily life with increasing business opportunities.

Fast Charging

Fast charging aims to recharge EV batteries within a short period of time.

The time necessary for fast charging is about 30 minutes for charging up 80% capacity. Thus, the total traveling distance of EVs can be greatly extended, provided that there are sufficient fast charging stations on the way.

For fast-charging stations a strong grid access is necessary. As both power and current ratings are so high, such recharging facilities have to be installed in supervised stations or service centers.

People can get their EVs fully charged up after a night’s parking, hence allowing for over 100 km driving range.

As the batteries are slowly recharged, the power requirement is just a few kilowatts and the charging time is from five to eight hours. In general, home charging favours an effective utilization of electricity since EVs are usually charged at night or off-peak periods.

The basic requirement of home charging is the availability of a garage or a parking lot that is fed with electricity. For those houses with a private garage, an indoor socket outlet can be installed for recharging.

Home Charging

Business Charging

Employers can offer their company, employees and visitors  sustainable charging for office spaces. Any premises such as parking lots, where vehicles are parked for most of the day, are suitable locations for cost-efficient workplace EV charging units.


A huge opportunity this sector beholds, various players are venturing into it with electric vehicle charging station.

The centre has allowed that setting up public charging stations shall be de-licensed and any individual is free to set up public charging stations.

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